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At Digitas, I was asked to design an app as the successor of the OV-chipcard. During a pilot with GVB and TLS, the app was tested by a few hundered users. To research the practical use of traveling with an Android phone with a NFC chip.


User Experience Designer

Your phone as your OV-chipcard

With the app, it is possible to leave your wallet (with OV-chipcard) at home. You only need your Android phone with a NFC chip to travel with the public transport in The Netherlands.

Always know if you have checked in

One of the biggest user frictions of travelling with an OV-chipcard, is to know for sure if you are correctly checked in. The indicator in the app shows if your checked in - or not.

Insight into your recent travel history

With your recent travel history stored on the NFC chip in the phone, you can directly see if your latest trip went according to plan and if you have enough balance for you next trip.

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